Seminar Advertisement: What Everybody Should Know About Asset Protection

The Pacific Grove law firm of KRASA LAW presents two seminars on "What Everybody Should Know About Asset Protection," with special guest, Jeffrey R. Matsen, Esq. 

Never before has the subject of Asset Protection been more important and topical!  More and more people are using the legal system to deprive others of their life's work.   Numerous lawsuits are filed in the United States every year, many of which are frivolous or settled for sums greater than the actual liability. 
Business owners, professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers and accountants, and property owners in particular should be aware of the risk associated with conducting their business, practicing in their respective fields, and taking responsibility for others.
Asset Protection is about assisting clients in arranging their finances, real property and other assets in a manner that minimizes their exposure to potential creditors.
KRASA LAW presents two informative seminars on "What Everybody Should Know About Asset Protection," co-presented by Jeffrey R. Matsen, Esq.
 1.  For Advisors / Professionals:
     Thursday, March 25, 2010, 12:00 to 1:15 pm
      Bay Park Hotel
      1425 Munras Avenue, Monterey, California
      Lunch Provided
  2.  For Clients / Consumers: 
       Thursday, March 25, 2010, 6:00 to 7:15 pm
       700 Jewell Avenue, Pacific Grove, California 
       Refreshments Provided
Host Kyle A. Krasa, Esq. of KRASA LAW in Pacific Grove, California is a native of the Monterey Peninsula and a local Estate Planning attorney.  He is well known for his personal, client-centered approach to his practice. 
Special guest Jeffrey R. Matsen, Esq. of Bohm, Matsen, Kegel & Aguilera, LLP in Costa Mesa, California has been recognized by Worth Magazine as one of the "Top 100 Attorneys" in the country and is well known nationally as a leading and cutting edge lawyer in Asset Protection.  
Please RSVP to Marilyn Beans at 831-920-0205.  Seating is limited.